Our mission is to build the data backbone for modern businesses.

We help business to take data driven strategies and use the latest market data to drive for growth.

  1. Founded in 2017 By Eric Lawrance, Rick Bingham and Bob Robbins.
  2. Reached 200+ Users More than 500 million records enriched monthly
  3. 200+ Team Member Team growth in every department
  4. 150+ Business Customers Actively serving medium to large scale businesses

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We’re More Than A Data Agency

We're full-service data company started in 2017. We believe we were headed to the promised land with that business model. By 2018, we realized that the tech industry was changing. We split our service depending on our client basis to move forward.


See why many growing companies use Datascrape to become truly data-driven.

Quotation Mark
Datascrape team helped us to sync our records with realtime data and worked perfectly with all our websites. Saved a lot of time and resource.
Ray Neal
Business Operations, AL Data
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