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Frequently asked questions

  • How to generate monthly report?

    With our scheduled plan we help you to extract data on daily/weekly/monthly basis. Depending on your requirements we will arrange to deliver the report in your required formats scheduled automatically.

  • Can i scrape social media data?

    Yes you can, with our crawler we can help you to scrape most of the social sites as per your requirements.

  • When will my data get ready?

    Our scraping completes within 72 hours, depending upon the complexity of website/source it may take few more days. Our team will inform you about the estimated timeline for the project.

  • Is it possible to scrape data from website which needs a login?

    Yes we can help you to scrape data which needs to login, for this you need have a valid login of the website. Scraping process after the login would be similar to other website, however some of the website have different checksum conditions which block the scraper. Our technical team member will help you to figure out.