Data Sources

Fresh, reliable & accurate

Reliable Data For Accurate action. Our automated quality-monitoring and data-cleaning processes ensure we always deliver high-quality and consistently reliable data.


How do we collect data?

Data is one of the most valuable resources today’s businesses have. The more information you have about your customers, the better you can understand their interests, wants and needs. Our data management platform, or DMP can help facilitate all the required data points and extract information from any sources. We check the anatomy of the web page URLs, inspect the publicly available web document and identify the attribute of the element that contains the content to extract.

Data/web source

Data Filtration

Data cleaning and filtration

Every data we harvest will go through removing incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate cleaning steps. Irrelevant data row and structural errors are removed automatically resulting clean dataset. Our service includes unwanted outliers filters and missing data recrawlings for every data to skip missing.

Data Filtration

Quality Assured

Validate and QA

How accurate is our data?

At, every record goes through two stages of verification. Firstly the data is auto verified with AI power verfication and secondly highly trained QA team to ensure that every single record is as accurate as possible.


Data Delivery


Data Stats

Data sources may constantly changing. Every records in scheduled project will be updated on change of source. Get updated data without worrying of new changes in website easily.

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"We have large volume of data requirement and planning to extract data from multiple sources. Datascrape made this so easy, every record is clean and well filtered. We now rely on datascrape team to automate our data acquire process."

Kristen R. Cadwell

Data Engineer, Weblytics AI

Working with Datascrape team is amazing, every steps is easy to follow and so flexible to adjust dataset as per our system.

Daniel Shotwell

Co-Founder of VeriComm

We want to thank the team. The Process was smooth from start to end. And it works perfectly as the data provided was exactly as per our request.

Data Architect Of Lexon Limited

It was a great experience working with on our data collection works. We used to hire freelancers in past which have many problem. But now we can rely on professional team of our projects.

CTO Of GIS Solutions

We are very pleased with the way work and will be doing multiple projects. The support, system, timing and quality of work was great. Highly recommended.

Founder Of Genius Group

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Quotation Mark
We are very pleased with the way work and will be doing multiple projects. The support, system, timing and quality of work was great. Highly recommended..
Julia Hayes
Founder of Genius Group
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